Quick First Thoughts and Response – D1

This is just a primary quick thought and response to the dynamic experience and practice of students/tutors taking part in the PgCert.

Somehow the first day (at school, at university, in a job, etc) has always that common challenging aspect of testing the ground, trying to get to know the micro whilst still balancing primary observations on the macro. For me, it already showed an interesting dynamic of exchanges from the variety of styles of the presentations to the small-groups conversations and reflections. It felt a diverse group in terms of backgrounds and voices, and I believe/hope that this diversity will bring some good developments, exchanges and positive conflict discussions during the course.

It left me a feeling that I would like to know more about the others’ practices, and would like to discuss more already – from primary brief conversations on positive conflict and art-crits to the politics of the institutions and what role we play to challenge the whole system, etc.

Differently than other courses (or jobs) though, the second-day is in a month time, and not “tomorrow” or “next week”…so, there is quite of a bridge of time between this flow of individual learning and group exchange.  I wonder how that might influence my learning structure (that is usually more time and focus intense), and how the relation between the micro and the macro could translate for me. I am thinking about to what degree the individual experience (with reading, reflection…) is balanced with the group dynamic (with exchanges and discussions) and how a long stretched time might allow stronger and more effective discussions and debates. As key concepts of space and time in tutoring and lecturing and practicing as an academic came out during some of my exchanges with other peers (Y and S), and so I then find interesting to keep those two elements also as a parallel reflection on the structure of this unit itself. Not to evaluate it, but to reflect and learn from this very stretched way of undertaking a unit (which is great to balance work commitments by the way) and how that can create a particular way of learning. I wonder how much space and time we can give to it, and what kind of rhythm (aspect that also came out talking with Y and S) is then shaped as a consequence.

Anyway, just putting down a few fresh thoughts/reflections here. Above I have also quickly depicted the group-dynamic as a combination of words that could reflect the groups’ experience. I have also tiled it in order to give an option of mix and match, as I hope that will be the key aspect of our conversations and dynamic of learning.

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