Reading List : Aoun “A Learning Model for the Future” – Reflections

/ Convergent vs Divergent with insertion of Humanics in Technology and Education / Below is a reflection structured as a form of a short story.

” Pixo, Binary and Code – The School of Hacking Excellence ”

In Planet Web, in the United States of Computers, in New Tech City,  something was going on.

– – – –

Everything in New Tech City and in the United States of Computers was very organised and well ordered.

But hidden in the architecture of the city, there was a place where chaos was allowed: the School of Hacking Excellence.

In there, it was all about experimenting, creating, making mistakes, imagining, trying new things.

– – – –

Pixo went to school there. He was very good in making squares. He could make squares of all sizes, colours and layouts.

In his class, Pixo had two good friends: Binary and Code.

Binary loved the numbers 0 and 1. With those numbers she could create information on everything.

Code talked hypertext. She was always very hyper and sent lots of links and connected things to Binary and Pixo.

– – – –

As part of their school work, Pixo, Binary and Code had to do a group project.

Together they loved to play computer games and imagine a different world. And so they decided that for their school project, they could have created a game of imagination, shaping a playful new imaginary world.

One day, they went to the Virtual Reality studio at the school, which allowed them to create a new environment where they could immerse themselves in, experience and test things.

Pixo started to experiment with his squares…he started making green and brown shapes (i.e. landscapes, plants and trees), blue and white ones (i.e. sky and clouds), and different colour ones (various animals).

“Hey Binary, hey Code…” – Pixo said – “Have a look!”

Code and Binary plug into the head-mounted displays. “Wow! What is that?”

“I don’t know. But it’s nice, don’t you think? Can you help me creating it further?”

And so, Pixo kept creating shapes as a combination of squares.

Binary inserted information such as names and sounds and smells in all these new shapes. (i.e. Metadata Dictionary: categorising the animals, plants, flowers)

And Code created all the links and all the connections between all of them.

– – – –

After a week the first part of their project-prototype was complete. And so Pixo, Bynary and Code had a meeting with Professor Algorithm, who was the eldest of the professors at the school.

He said: “Now that I reconnect my memory, I think this place actually existed once. When I was a new device, I was told by my grandfather that there was a planet with lots of these unexpected things you are depicting. It was called Planet Earth. But I do not have any other knowledge of this.”

Binary: “There might be some information in the main Memory Library of New Tech City. We should find out more!”

But there was no information about Planet Earth in the Memory Library of New Tech City.

And no information about Planet Earth in any of the libraries of the United States of Computers.

And no information about Planet Earth in any of the libraries of Planet Web.

Pixo: “Our project is getting stuck. What are we going to do now?”

Binary: “I am doing my best, but I cannot find any information about Planet Earth anywhere. I have looked into every bits of data.”

Code: “Wait a minute…let me try some new links I have been exploring.”

– – – –

And so Code using her skills of linking and connecting here and there, managed to get access to the library on a far away Cloud.

She then passed the connection to Binary who finally downloaded some information about Planet Earth. Binary registered all the information she could find, and then she shared it with Code and Pixo:

  • “Planet Earth is a sphere”

  • “Nature is a key element of Planet Earth…with animals, plants, beautiful skies and oceans.”

  • “Humans lived in Planet Earth, and they were highly intelligent and uniquely interesting beings.”

  • “Then humans became obsessed with all their creations around technology. And, whilst using technological devices all the time, they forgot about the beauty of animals, plants, skies and oceans.”

  • “After that, unfortunately many humans slowly morphed into computer devices too. They lost their real and unique beings, and they became artificially intelligent.”

  • “Planet Web was then created, together with the United States of Computers.”

– – – –

With this information, Pixo, Binary and Code developed their educational project further, creating an augmented experience of Planet Web history and its connection to Planet Earth.

They then presented the project to all the students and to all the teachers at the School of Hacking Excellence. (all wearing head-mounted displays)

Everyone loved all the animals, plants, oceans and skies.

Everyone loved all the colours, smells and sounds.

Everyone was astonished by the history that no one really knew about their Planet Web origin.

The project was then shared with the whole of New Tech City, then with the whole of United States of Computers, and then with the whole of Planet Web!

– – – –

The Universal Planet Web Committee celebrated Pixo, Binary and Code for their achievement.

Really well done my dear wonderful students! Now everyone in Planet Web can update this new information into their systems. Really amazing discovery! Plug-in!” – Professor Algorithm shouted.

“Plug-in!” – everyone at the School of Hacking Excellence replied.

“Now we would like to know even more about Planet Earth. So, we would like to propose a next development…” – Professor Algorithm announced.

And so, a mission to visit Planet Earth was organised for Pixo, Binary and Code to undertake.

The three friends entered the spaceship. They were ready to go.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

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